Remote Gardening

So excited were my sister and I buying new plants for the garden, that we completely forgot we had Mum and Dad with us. They’d been left sitting in the shade at the garden centre with strict instructions to ”behave yourselves”, while I sauntered around deciding what perennials and shrubs we needed. The purchases were carefully placed into every available space of the car so there was no option but to shove our  parents in at the last minute.


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NIROX Sculpture Garden – part one


IMG_9026Just a pile of stones pfft “What sort of sculpture is that?” I arrogantly thought to myself and walked on unimpressed. But I carried those stones back to NZ with me – figuratively of course. (Can you imagine me getting them through our customs?!) They rattled around inside me, weighed me down until I could ignore their noise no longer and had to dig a little deeper for understanding.

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Following Her Footsteps


My red shoes (the replacement ones) are no match for mum’s black canvas tackies with their neatly tied laces. The rhythm of her rubber soles racing down the corridor wakes me. I follow to help but am not quick enough off the starting block and when I do eventually run up alongside she refuses to pass the baton. It’s then I realise this is not a team relay but an individual marathon. Continue reading “Following Her Footsteps”

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