Curating A Collection of Old Photos to Keep


For me getting to a small, manageable and orderly collection of photographs is liberating and that’s my motivation for working carefully through this next stage. For others there will be angst “Should I keep this one or that?” But at no stage yet have I mentioned throwing away the rejected prints so there is still the safety net of returning to them later, should there be a need. And, for a couple of valid reasons, there may well be that need … as explained later.

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Finding the Good Photographs


Hand painted photograph. Dad, Singapore, 1947

The biggest hurdle in sorting the stash of old photographs was just getting started but I determined to do it efficiently.  My aim was to quickly reject as many unnecessary photographs as possible and get to a much smaller pile of keepers. Once there I could figure out how, in the circumstances, to preserve and present them in a meaningful way. This is part two (Part one is here)

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The Forgotten Sort

Crouched in dark corners, forgotten in attics and cupboards, are boxes bursting with eyes and parts of limbs.

These postcard sized pieces of paper aren’t actually hiding shameful secrets but their owners still feel guilty. How so? The contents are precious but they’re in a muddle and few people actually know what to do with them. I’m talking about that unwieldy stash of old photographs that everyone has. Continue reading “The Forgotten Sort”

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