Remote Gardening

So excited were my sister and I buying new plants for the garden, that we completely forgot we had Mum and Dad with us. They’d been left sitting in the shade at the garden centre with strict instructions to ”behave yourselves”, while I sauntered around deciding what perennials and shrubs we needed. The purchases were carefully placed into every available space of the car so there was no option but to shove our  parents in at the last minute.


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Re-birthing a Garden

“Why start now? Won’t the builders just trash the new garden when they come on site?” “Be patient. Just wait.”  Legitimate concerns I suppose, when I mentioned to people that I was rejuvenating my garden before the plans for the dwelling were even started. But I knew that to nurture my own mental health, I had to get my hands back into the soil and grow something. Any gardener will understand that!


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The Eden Project


The establishment of a flourishing garden in an enormous clay pit, with NO ability to sustain plant life, seemed preposterous. But, as far back as 1995, Tim Smit had an idea for such an ambitious project as this. Thank goodness there are people in this world who have a desire to see the unthinkable happen – for the greater good – and this is what gives me optimism for our struggling earth.

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NIROX Sculpture Garden – part one


IMG_9026Just a pile of stones pfft “What sort of sculpture is that?” I arrogantly thought to myself and walked on unimpressed. But I carried those stones back to NZ with me – figuratively of course. (Can you imagine me getting them through our customs?!) They rattled around inside me, weighed me down until I could ignore their noise no longer and had to dig a little deeper for understanding.

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