I believe life is a learning process and learning is a life time process.

Alongside the portrait/family photoshoots I do for others, I’m working on a number of social documentary projects.

This is my personal workspace – a living spot where I ponder life and hone my photography and writing skills.  During 2018 and 2019 I travelled extensively; including several trips to be with my ageing parents in South Africa. Back home in Christchurch, I’ve been organising a sustainable home build and putting in a new garden.

So this blog is a ‘mixed bag’, organised by categories.

I don’t chase followers and am not out to ‘fake it’ or make money.  I’ve started steering clear of social media because of advertising and feed algorithm interferences. My preference is to follow other bloggers with thoughtful, informative posts on a wide variety of topics.

Keeping it real.


e: RozPicsNZ@icloud.com

All content and all images are mine (except some digitised ones and obviously this profile one )
Everything is copyright. 

From Lee Ann-38

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