Street Photography – A Town Awakes

Having a fancy DSLR camera does not give me the right to cross ethical boundaries with vulnerable individuals who in no way could give informed consent to being photographed. The clinic was NOT a street setting. 

In 2018 I joined a clinical team in Morocco assisting with treatment of village children without access to dental care. I took just a handful of photos in the clinic for recording purposes only, being careful not to feature individuals.

However early one morning, before clinic set up, I nipped out with my camera to try and capture a sense of local life. Instead of wandering aimlessly I located a patch of light at the end of an alley and positioned myself discreetly. In a very short time, a day in this community began to unfold. (These images are in order of taking them).

You can read about my trip here, and here and here.

The organisation I worked with requested I return to Morocco and also visit Lebanon as a photographer for them. In preparation, I attended a Magnum course in London on ethics when working and photographing for NGOs.

But we never really know what is around the corner, do we?

A rare heart attack (SCAD) stopped me in my tracks and de-railed plans. And, with the virus, the world of travel has also got so much more complicated. So I’m working from home in New Zealand … slowly … through my archives and on some personal conceptual and documentary photo projects.

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