Garden Plans – Up Date

The site sketch for the garden is on the left. Tame, easy care … boring. My ideas and scribbles are on the right – no instant lawn and easy care planting for me.

Like a teenage boy with gangly legs, my garden is currently at the awkward stage – not yet comfortable with its body. Photographs seem to highlight the flaws – the mis-proportions and the areas of bare soil – acne on the ground. I’ve been reluctant to show them. But I know how encouraging it is to see the progress of other garden bloggers, so these are my offerings. Hopefully they’ll cheer someone who has just started a green journey.

front slope progress over nine months

It’s hard to photograph our site. It slopes in two different directions and has been divided into a series of angular terraces, which make perfect sense of the contours of the land, but look out of kilter in a 2 dimensional image. My plants are also leggy – teenage like – looking rather pathetic in the earth they’ll ‘grow into’. And no picture can truly reflect the amount of hard work I’ve put into getting this far.

front pathway stages since August 2019
stages since August 2019, side one of house
this flattened area is just beginning to bring joy

I’m relieved to see some developing character overall but a whole load of patience is required before my garden reveals its full personality. 

3 thoughts on “Garden Plans – Up Date

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  1. It’s so rewarding when all the effort start to bear fruit. And some things seem to just turn a corner overnight! Like you’ll wake up and suddenly there is colour and abundance where there was nothing before. And sometimes you’ll plant one thing and that doesn’t work out but something else is there in its place! The wonders of nature. Your place is going to be beautiful.

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    1. Yes – isn’t it marvellous!! Thanks for the encouragement. I hope all is well in your corner? Sooo pleased I had my four South Africa visits over the last couple of years. I get regular snapshots to show how the gardens I put in there are going. Some of the plants I’m using are the same but stuff grows quicker in SA than here in NZ 🙂


      1. Yes, life goes on here. I’m sure you enjoy getting pics of how your gardens are keeping! Our garden is not your ‘typical’ Joburg garden— it’s long and narrow and on a rocky south facing slope, and we’ve had our challenges. But has taken off slowly and surely over last 6 years.


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