Seeds of Change

This virus has turned the world upside down.

I’m hoping, in time, we’ll be able to blame it for some really positive sustainable and environmental changes.

Plans to plant my second succession of winter veggies were thwarted by our lockdown. In the hours leading up to their closure, garden centre shelves were stripped bare of seeds and seedlings. So I was really excited this week when our local organic store had a new delivery of seed packets. Alas, early autumn has passed and I doubt they will germinate well enough now before the cold. So I’ve decided those wrappers are going to have to hold onto their goodness until spring. 

Though our lives have been set off kilter by this virus, how marvellous is the change of thinking in what is really important to us and the increased interest in gardening and self-sufficiency.

Gardening is a skill without prejudice, anyone can learn and adapt it to their particular circumstances.

While travelling is denied us, there are still lessons to learn by reflecting on other cultures. The Vietnamese are so connected to their food source, it inspires me. Meals are fresh, delicious and made from local ingredients. Farming and fishing activities are evident everywhere. 

checking rice in a mountain field North Vietnam
choosing seed at a market in North Vietnam among the Hmong tribes

(The couple in the top image are Madam Loi and Mr Se, from a market garden in Hoi An)

I’m determined to change and adapt to living more simply and sustainably too. For me that means challenging my status quo; growing a deeper understanding of the source of my food, and shopping locally as much as possible.  

This quote from a Zimbabwean-born and Canadian-based Philosopher, entrepreneur and author sits well with me:

“A seed is a forest inside out.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

Here I wrote about rice farmers in Vietnam.

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