Foraging for Compost

Growing a garden requires planning for a future by responding to the conditions of the present.

Hubby’s working days (from home) have been extremely pressurising so fitting in a daily ‘decompressing’ activity is essential. We are so fortunate to have a coastal, forest track right on our doorstep and, with it being autumn, have managed to combine the soothing of nature with physical exercise and some dirty work: composting 🙂

And we are taking time to wonder at the tiny details on our forays too.

I can’t plant the trees I’d planned for the new garden because the shops are closed. But by foraging leaves, pine needles and seaweed I can make a wholesome mulch for spring planting instead. 

Composting is not the noblest of tasks but its sustainable in principle and in practise. 

Here’s a little fun to show how it’s done using FOOD (scraps) and TIME to get to WHOLESOME.

FOOD  scraps  

take your TIME

FOLD in one place with other organic matter

use the prong of a garden fork to help TINE

COLD composting is easier than hot*

add carbon & nitrogen matter to maintain an even TONE

HOLD be patient 

ignore intricate data and methods espoused in scientific TOME(s)

HOLE poke and prod the pile regularly to add spaces for oxygen

Carbon, Nitrogen, and air are what soil organisms need to create a HOME

W+HOLE add water – not too wet not too dry

   nature will then reward you with SOME



* While I’ve been setting up my new garden I’ve lost control of some weeds and they’ve seeded. Nonetheless all garden waste except couch grass, convolvulus and diseased material goes on my pile plus cardboard, paper and coffee grounds from the local cafe. I’m resigned to having weeds popping up when I spread the compost BUT it’s easier to push a hoe through the beds and chop off young weed heads than it is for me to concentrate on the intricacies of hot composting to kill those weed seeds. I’m also revising my ideas of what is classified as a weed. 

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