What will become of this city?

A collection of A4 prints on Canson® Infinity Rag Photographique.

Seeing photos in good quality print is a completely different experience from seeing them on screen.

In the last post – Why Blog? – I mentioned the value of blogging through the Christchurch Earthquakes (an old blog which I no longer use). As a result I’ve accumulated hundreds of images. I was requested a set of B&W photographs from around the city for display.

The trickiest part of photography, but a most important one, is editing down to a cohesive set.

I start with a sense of ‘falling apart’ – the awfulness of life having been ripped open. (And end with one where the wonky grid has been straightened and the future, though not resolved, has a sense of order).

Through a restaurant window, building unsafe to enter, vermin have long ago eaten the food, Christchurch, December 2011

The disbelief that everyday life was disrupted.

Clawing down of unsafe building

The brutality of dealing with the aftermath of the earthquakes.

Staring into the spaces left from demolished buildings. Cashel street, April 2013.

Coming to terms with the loss and giving space to begin to contemplate a new city.

Yes, wide open!! But not for business. Old Mckenzie Willis building, September 2015.

The ironies (and humour) that are so important to get through crises.

New bus exchange, Cnr Li
Lichfield and Colombo St, May 2017 (Natural physical distancing?)

New build – completely different from what was there before – but now the city is functioning.

Inside the new library, Tūranga, Christchurch CBD, March 2019, normality returning.

A returning to normal.

A sign of more to come.

‘Half and half’ – light and dark – a construction in progress. Many more new builds still to come – we are still a city in transition.

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