An Old Perspective on Portrait Photography

Mum sees wrinkles, I see Joy

These images were taken when I was back in South Africa last October. My mother has embraced face timing her sister in England. They haven’t been together in decades but the connection was immediate and I loved capturing the moment.

Not ideal but, under the circumstances, this was also the only way I was going to get an updated photo of the two together for our family album. Neither could understand why I would even want to do that but, as a photographer, I’m used to seeing things from a different perspective.

We’ve kept a 3 way communication going between us ever since and right now it’s ironic that it makes no difference if our isolated bubbles are within the same neighbourhood or on completely different continents! It’s the internet that is keeping us all connected.

On sharing these photos with them,  I was surprised at the response. Both ladies wished I could take away the wrinkles. Some of that was ‘tongue in cheek’ of course, but mum was actually quite shocked at how old she is looking now.

Mum sees wrinkles. I see connection between two individuals. 

This younger ‘glamour photo’ of them brought a laugh. But I also shared one of their own mum when she was old to help nudge their perspective a bit more towards mine. Us ‘younger’ people still want to see images of our elderly.

A note: I’ve digitised all our family images. My logo will go across those used in my blogs, not because I was the photographer but to protect them from misuse.

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