Feet Planted in Two Lands

As a photographer I see value in documenting ‘life’ and appreciate that some projects can take a painfully long time to come together. We have been waiting for this rebuild for 9 years!

I’ve been working hard with the layout of my earthquake rebuild garden in New Zealand but this week have had to abandon it and return to South Africa to nurse my mother through surgery. This will be my fourth trip in fifteen months and a reminder that I’m still in limbo with garden, photography projects and life in general.

But I’m incredibly grateful to have the flexibility to spend this time with my parents in the winter of their lives AND to have a garden in each country to work on, nurture and keep me grounded through the stresses.

What the above part of the garden looked like just two months ago!

The three images below are taken of the same spot on our land. It’s encouraging to place them alongside each other and be reminded of progress – especially when life at the moment is so disjointed.

(Above) After the forces of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake broke up a concrete patio.

August 2019 – large mound of clay soil left after the rebuild

October 2019 – ground levelled with much addition of organic matter. Planted with vegetable seedlings and a surrounding euonymus green gem hedge. I’ll have to be patient for the plants to grow and the area to become as lush and productive as in my dreams.

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