Re-birthing a Garden



“Why start now? Won’t the builders just trash the new garden when they come on site?” “Be patient. Just wait.”  Legitimate concerns I suppose, when I mentioned to people that I was rejuvenating my garden before the plans for the dwelling were even started. But I knew that to nurture my own mental health, I had to get my hands back into the soil and grow something. Any gardener will understand that!

This is a current view from my re-birthed edible garden and it makes my heart sing to be with plants amidst this beautiful port scenery (dwelling on the left is one of our neighbours). Fortunately our site is sloped downwards towards the road. Our new home will go on a flat pad below this garden … so the builders will not be tracking through it. I’ll re-do the front garden once the house is complete.

Some History:


I introduced our rebuild site here and here. Two years ago this is what remained of the cottage garden. After six years of neglect (because the site was unsafe to access until retaining walls had been done) there was virtually no plants I could save. Lavender bushes had survived but they were woody and scruffy. Just about every other bush, perennial and rose had been choked by weeds, twitch and convolvulus. The land had to be cleared for a fresh start.


We had pathways put down and wooden garden beds built into the slope (previous two photos taken in exact same spot).


The start of the garden revamp (above) has become this (below).


And all that sticky mud that needed heaps of compost dug into it …


Is growing healthy fruit, vegetables and flowers now! I can’t believe the difference in just two years!!




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