The Eden Project

The establishment of a flourishing garden in an enormous clay pit, with NO ability to sustain plant life, seemed preposterous.


The establishment of a flourishing garden in an enormous clay pit, with NO ability to sustain plant life, seemed preposterous. But, as far back as 1995, Tim Smit had an idea for such an ambitious project as this. Thank goodness there are people in this world who have a desire to see the unthinkable happen – for the greater good – and this is what gives me optimism for our struggling earth.

The scale of The Eden Project in Cornwall is astonishing but it is no folly built to boast of one man’s power or genius. To quote the founder:

“Eden is an attitude. Take something that is apparently hopeless and transform it into something that is full of hope. And in so doing incite people from all over to go and do their own version of hopefulness.”

A one day visit there last year (and my photos) are not enough to do justice to all aspects of this enormous scheme. There is astounding architecture and use of space; an abundance of  plants (edible and exotic); visual sculptures and pleasantries; education and initiatives for community involvement etc. 


Sustainable practices are incorporated in this enterprise on a large scale (1 million visitors in 2017).  I came away encouraged to keep working on conscious modifications of my own behaviour and determined to support organisational initiatives for environmental betterment.


The UK’s first compostable bottle and compostable food containers
Education on environmentally friendly fabrics
Certain plastics used as biofuel for onsite processes
Reminders that not everything needs to be done on a huge scale

Joyfully hubby and I can institute some sustainable improvements in our post-quake rebuild and make some positive lifestyle changes moving forward. Yep, it’s on a tiny scale and no doubt there’ll be stumbling along the way. But I want to be counted with the ones who are making an effort, in the hope that the tide on the direction of our planets’ demise can be turned. And I’m excited to discover that there is a possibility of a local Eden Project here in Christchurch’s own back yard: the ‘red zoned’ areas along the river on the East side of the city! 

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    1. Yep they are doing great work! Can I ask you a South Africa question Amanda? When I was in Natal last year I read a publication that mentioned a great organic? sustainable? farm project in the Cape perhaps near Franschhoek (but I may be wrong). I remember it was open to visitors but can’t find the name of it now. Do you know it?


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