Living between two Shores


Random ideas bob into my head with tidal regularity. Most of them are usually washed away with the next wave of craziness. Except during 2017 one thought arrived like flotsam, and much as I tried to jettison it back, it kept returning.

The drop of a concept swelled from taking a few weeks off travelling to consuming virtually the whole year. I have gone with the flow and not regretted a moment of it.

It’s not been a matter of ticking boxes – been there, done that – but more a time of navigating by intuition and sailing around my heart.

I’ve connected with loved ones overseas and added to specific skills in photography … it’s been amazing. And I know myself much better now. In the main, 2018 has gone incredibly smoothly, except, my unexpected SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection) in July which threatened to tip me right out of the boat. My husband’s support has helped keep my head above water and stay my course.

I got back to NZ shores at the weekend, excited to catch up with everyone but, believe it or not, may nip away again. By now you’ve got to know my dad through posts. He’s been back in hospital this past week and it’s looking likely he may require open heart surgery. Being so far away is ghastly. Obviously this is not an easy decision to make but I may follow my heart back there to be with him, mum and my sister again. It’s never easy living apart.

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