Life Intersections


A few years ago, when the earthquake damaged roads of Christchurch reflected my inner being, a friend lent me his compass.

Not in a literal sense but by listening to my feelings of being lost. He spoke gently and suggested I set some goals to find direction. I recorded his encouraging words and have referred to them frequently (especially when my self-confidence has wobbled). 

Now my year of solo tripping around the world is drawing to a close. It has been a culmination of small intentional decisions over recent times and I have proved to myself that

“Consistency is more important than intensity”

I’ve a final trip to London to attend a Magnum photography course – “NGOs, social practice and advocacy”. My time with the Dental team in Morocco, earlier this year highlighted a personal leaning towards social photography but I want to properly study the ethics and implications of photographing vulnerable people and sensitive issues before following that path. I’m very nervous about the course – feel way out of my depth – but it’s such an exciting opportunity and there is much to learn from others.

If I grasp just one kernel of truth from this year it is: not to fear the unknown but rather embrace it, and I’m more relaxed now about returning home and facing another unknown intersection in life.

Little by little, one travels far. – J.R.R. Tolkein

Where will it lead next?

(Image above taken in Natal, South Africa)

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