Misty Sunrise


It’s a measure of the greatest sister in the world, that she should get up at 4am on her day off … just for me.

Knowing how important the right lighting and conditions are for taking good shots, Carry made early morning coffee and drove us around the neighbourhood in the thick mist before sunrise. She lives in a picturesque, hilly place called the Valley of a Thousand Hills. At every turn there is another spectacular view: steep cliffs, wild terrain, meandering pathways and homes dotted onto the sides … glowing with teeny speckles of light. 

Now anyone from South Africa knows that a strange vehicle driving slowly around the streets, especially at that time of the morning, causes an uproar of barking dogs; makes people very nervous and raises suspicions. Being two females alone in the dark makes us jumpy too and we wonder whether we should have stayed in bed instead. But I’m visiting from New Zealand and this may be our only opportunity.

The fog is thick and we can’t see much outside our ‘spook mobile’.

With nails digging into the sides of my coffee mug I bite my tongue to keep me from yelling “don’t drive over the edge”!


…the vehicle is unmarked; it pulls up besides us and the side window opens…

Unbelievably the headlights of a car appear from behind us and the vehicle creeps past. Why is anyone else out at this time of the morning? Five minutes later it is heading towards us from the other direction. They are surely checking up on us. We comfort ourselves thinking it is the neighbourhood security watch but the vehicle is unmarked; it pulls up besides us and the side window opens. Gulp … we are in BIG trouble.

Two guys are in the vehicle; they don’t ask what we are doing but enquire about the location. It’s then I spot a camera and roar with a relief of laughter. Turns out they are from the local Photographic club on a mission to take some landscape shots in the mist too!


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