Ordinary Days in Extraordinary Ways


With this collection of images, taken in India, I explore the reality that, what for me is an extra-ordinary sight, is for my subjects just an ordinary day.

Travel expands the mind and fills the gapĀ 

Sheda Savage

Kids just love to play (above image)! A familiar background for this young lad while 40,000 visitors, from all over the world, visit daily just to catch a glimpse of this wonder of the world.

A wall is being built this side of the river from the Taj Mahal – for fear of intentional damage. How sad that we have to consider such dangers nowadays.
Child at play in Delhi traffic – under the watchful eye of a parent!
Fast food in the slow lane.
Street bath. I was incredibly tempted to join in on this hot, dusty day.
Jodphur, with it’s blue buildings and alleyways, is enchanting. Washing, though, is just a part of their days as it is mine … and jeans are so universal.
Ironing on the street – with a coal iron – now that is dedication.

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