A Perfect Ending or A Beginning?


Visiting NIROX was the last day of my five month overseas trip. I’d travelled to discover more of myself and hoped to wrap up the disparate parts of my life in some sort of neat bow. Of course that is not possible but this exhibition themed – ‘Not a Single Story’ – was a perfect ending (or was it just the beginning?!) of my travels inside and out.

I learned 8 things this about Art that day:

  1. I don’t have to ‘like’ an art work to gain value from it, or to respect the artist
  2. Sometimes a seemingly innocuous piece of art work can leave a lasting impression
  3. Art can quietly highlight social and political injustices
  4. We can be informed of hideous truths artistically, without being exposed to crude, graphic, details Hollywood style
  5. Behind every exhibit piece is a disciplined artist who works hard at exploring, refining and representing their themes
  6. A little background research helps a LOT in appreciating an exhibit
  7. I’d been distracted with my own personal issues – now I was challenged by much broader and bigger issues/concepts
  8. Viewing the work of others inspires me to continue with my own projects … and to take risks

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